At two years old, Emilie’s parents divorced.  By the time she was five, her innocence was already stolen. Her mother, Andrea, so enraged over the dissolution, began a rancorous campaign to get back at her ex, Patton. 

   Lies, manipulations, alienation, withholding custody, and making false child abuse allegations ultimately led to the diagnoses of Emilie's Clinical Depression, Eating Disorder, PTSD, and Conversion Disorder.  Emilie was cutting and burning the flesh of her own body; she was later Baker Acted and suicidal.

   Andrea, a master manipulator, convinced the Pinellas County, Florida judges she was innocent.  With more than a dozen witnesses against her at a three-day custody trial, yet another judge remained unmoved over the effects parental alienation actually had on its helpless victims.   Judges ambivalence enabled and empowered Andrea.  Yet when Patton learned that Emilie was also being physically abused by her mother, he refused to return her to Andrea that night at 8pm when she was expected.  By 11pm, Patton was unlawfully arrested and jailed for interference with custody, a civil right, not a crime.  Due to the witnessing of her only loving parent being incarcerated, a childhood full of alienation, and emotional and physical abuse, Emilie suffers with a lifetime of scars ongoing mental health issues and low self-esteem. Emilie is one of thousands of children in the United States suffering this familial tragedy.  Only awareness and forcing judges to uphold the child abuse statutes, which clearly include "mental infliction” in the definition, will stop this exploitation.  Please share this story, follow us on social media and petition your family courts to have parental alienation treated as the horrific child abuse that it is.

Protecting Emilie is a an eye opening book into the struggles brought on by the failure of our court system to truly protect children who are victims of one parent alienating the child from the other parent. 

Amazon Review Kristina Clements

I could not put it down. The author gave a voice to every child caught in the nightmare of parental alienation. It is hard to believe that laws can still be so lopsided.

Amazon Review Kathy Hood

This book is powerful and hard to stop reading once you begin. It provides deep insight to the impact of parental alienation and the terrible struggles that can go along with it. Our justice system and our community will benefit from the increased understanding of this issue.

Jesse A. Chappell