Lisa Heim was born in Baltimore, MD and currently resides in Florida. 


As a creative "outlet", she began her writing passion in her youth until she explored journalism through high school. In the 1980's, the era of personal computing began and she became intrigued. While learning something completely new, her academic and professional career path changed. As a "people person", she pursued computer equipment and network sales, rather than analysis. As years came to pass, she realized something was missing. Once she began a family, her first book was in the works. The joy and love of motherhood was something about which she wanted to share.  Ms. Heim fell short of completing her first manuscript; she realized there was already a litany of such narratives.


Ms. Heim's first published book, Protecting Emilie, was born with a purpose. Having never seen, nor experienced "evil" first hand, her husband's first wife Andrea emerged.  Researching and gleaning all that she could about what she witnessed in Andrea's maniacal, manipulative, and abusive behaviors, Ms. Heim knew she had a story to share. Protecting Emilie was written to educate doctors, legal professionals, teachers, coaches, and peers of children from contentious divorce.  Ms. Heim wants the world to look for the life-changing signs of emotional (often coupled with physical) abuse and save these innocent children.  Ms. Heim's husband was being kept from a loving relationship with his daughter in ways she could never fathom. The family experienced constant emotional heartbreaks, but his daughter was the true victim.


From innocent child to suicidal, parental alienation breaks down and ultimately destroys children. Protecting Emilie illustrates, educates, and advocates against, how mental and emotional child abuse alters the destiny and spirit of children for life.