Abolishing the devastating manipulation, exploitation, and emotional abuse is what all advocates against parental alienation are trying to accomplish.  My belief is that everyone knows that child abuse is real and occurs at an alarming rate but most have no idea that there is a new breed of child abuse growing at exponential levels and the only people who are aware of it are those who have suffered through it.  The media televises reports and feature investigative journalism on cases they deem, "severe"-- these are extreme cases that involve horrific physical abuse or unfathomable neglect.  What about the child abuse that is "invisible"?

EMOTIONAL manipulation and abuse forever changes the innocent victim and the targeted parent's lives.  This is real and just as devastating to children as physical infliction of pain.  In fact, physical scars heal, emotional ones may last a lifetime.  I'm not referring to obvious quips that a parent may say to emotionally wound their child.  When one parent convinces a child that their other parent hurt, abused, or otherwise harmed that parent or the child, they are denigrating and negating the value of that parent to their children.  It will often start with past tense from the research I have done and the first account through which I have lived.  "Don't you remember daddy throwing that lamp right there at you when you were two?" or "I have called the police so many times on your father" etc. .  When children hear these things that are fictitious, they don't realize it because of their inherent trust in their parents. This is the crux of parental alienation.

I am so thrilled to be helping to advocate for this cause- make parental alienation punishable as a crime; it is absolutely child abuse and most state statutes include the terms, "physical or mental infliction of pain".  Parental alienation is CHILD ABUSE.

20/20 Investigates Parental Alienation 2016


We advocates are thrilled to see mainstream media spread the word!  Thank you 20/20 and ABC

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You ARE NOT ALONE!  So many groups to encourage, listen to, support, provide insight & tips, or just a place for you to join in and see what others are going through with their battle of parental alienation.  Maybe, you can help someone, yourself!





CS/SB 250: Family Law Equal Time-Sharing

You can blame the House of Representatives for failing us in FL.  You must write to your congress people to get these bills passed.  They generally get passed in the Senate and then die in the House...uhg



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