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It took six years to finalize this true story of child abuse.  There are many stories of physical abuse but too few of emotional torture even though m...

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December 8, 2015

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December 8, 2015

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Equal Custody or Parental Alienation

March 11, 2017

(OPINION PIECE ONLY) Now that there is a "new sheriff in town," will family custody change in our laws? In thinking about the "conservative" politicians now at the helm, could there actually be a chance to change custodial rights and take the power away from the states?  This would be outstanding, if so! 

Historically, the Tender Years Doctrine (TYD) appointed custody to be with the mother.  Because so many mothers began working and fathers wanted equal or primary custody, in 1989, the TYD was replaced with the Best Interest of the Child Doctrine.  To many, this replacement was an amazing gift; family law attorneys now had a very lucrative practice while they litigated contentious cases, judges who sought power, and fathers who received a favorable ruling, were elated!  But, too many cases now exist that are taking fighting custody battles to bankruptcy court!  So much litigation, false abuse reports and most importantly, mental trauma for the child--definitely not what is best.  This so-called, Best Interest Doctrine, needs another modification.  The answer is simple- Automatic 50/50 Visitation Doctrine.  Why is one parent more qualified to spend time with the child that wouldn't exist but for them?  This is my proposed solution that eliminates not only the hope a judge will find both parents participating 50% of the time with their beloved offspring and the ridiculously inflated expenses of ugly, tedious, and litigious courtroom battles that are often drawn out as long as possible by greedy attorneys, but again, and most importantly, the best interest of the child!  If we can make this change happen, the families in the United States that dissolve will have far fewer innocent child victims of parental alienation and emotional abuse as they often are used as pawns or manipulated against the other parent,  Then, both parents can enjoy tucking their child in at night, taking them to school, celebrating a great test score after school and having meals together equally as often as the other parent!  It is time to plan how to have such a simple solution implemented....


Need motivation?  Have a look at this incredible documentary, DIVORCE CORP. 

Here's the trailer until you have the time to watch it in its entirety.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REOuslPVZD4 Warning: there is no escaping the tense frustration in your heart or mind while watching-it is truly riveting.


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